Quick April update

April has been a really busy month for us.

With the upcoming release we have been preparing a lot of new features and a complete overhaul of our look.

We have added functionality that will make tracking WOD and MOVEMENT PRs a breeze. These PRs are calculated from the Skill/Strength work done or by using movements performed in WODs. These data points will live in the system and will auto-populate their respective fields once the work is prescribed again. In other words, no need to remember what you did for Back Squat 3 months ago, it will be readily available to you once the WOD is published.

We have also added some social features to the platform. This will make it much better to discover fellow athletes or see what athletes or boxes they follow.

More information will be available once we do release it, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can reach us @kilomodo on twitter.

Happy tracking!

KM team