Whoa! Now Supporting Video!!!

Trainer Notes

Notes Enhancements
– Introduction of Private Trainer notes (only visible to account owners and Trainer admins)
– Rich markup formatting
– Hyperlinks
– Embedded *video
– Embedded images
– Workouts saved to your library preserve Workout & Trainer notes

– Ability to lock workouts on the Whiteboard from future scoring
– Edit workouts from the Whiteboard (applies only to workouts not already scored)

– Gym branding
– Enhanced notes support
– Gym/Team invites

Gym Caster Updates
– Live Leaderboard
– Isolated notes section
– Enhanced scaling for various screen sizes

Gym & Team Invitations
– Added resend capability

PushPress Integration
– **Bug fixes related to membership status changes

*Kilomodo only allows embedded content from sites whitelisted as appropriate for our viewership. If you would like us to add a site you use, let us know so we can evaluate its validity. Videos from unapproved sites will be stripped out of notes while saving.

**Special thanks to Triple Link CrossFit for working with us to help identify and work through a PushPress integration issue. If you’re ever in the Northern Dallas TX area, drop in for a workout. Alissa and Trevor run a great outfit and we’re proud to have them with us.

New Gym & Trainer Features Available!

Gym and Trainer Features

With the growing popularity and adoption of Kilomodo around the world, it was only natural for us to begin offering tools to support our gym owners and professional trainers. Kilomodo now has an array of professional level features and automation to support any gym and trainer business.

By diversifying training programs, you can cater to varying fitness needs across your members. Gym owners and trainers appeal to more members by offering multiple programs to fit their members’ lifestyle and goals. With tracks, you can selectively deliver differing workout programming across a multitude of athlete types.

Stop fussing with the mess of spreadsheets, text documents and email. Get your workouts organized into customizable, reusable, and shareable programs. Using custom tags, you can easily group workouts for easy search in your account library.

Set it and forget it! Let automation free up time to spend investing in your business and members. Schedule programs to your tracks and let them rip. We’ll handle getting workouts delivered to your members on time and with ease.

Trainer Admins
Growing a successful business is tough! Get some help by delegating to Trainer admins. Trainer admins have full control to manage members and workout programming for your account’s gyms and teams.

Integration with PushPress
By enabling integration, we synchronize member accounts across platforms. We handle account creation and member status changes in near real-time. This integration allows you to choose two best-of-breed solutions for your gym while allowing us to remain completely focused on making the very best workout tracking available.

RSS Integration
Post workouts to your WordPress or other RSS capable websites directly from Kilomodo. With a simple setup, you can automate the tedious task of posting the workout to the home website. Easy scheduling notifies your members at your specified time across apps.   

Gym & Team Branding
Your brand image is the identity your members rally around. Distinguish your gyms and teams by uploading your brand logos. This is an excellent way of bringing out the pride of belonging to a strong fitness community.