Whoa! Now Supporting Video!!!

Trainer Notes

Notes Enhancements
– Introduction of Private Trainer notes (only visible to account owners and Trainer admins)
– Rich markup formatting
– Hyperlinks
– Embedded *video
– Embedded images
– Workouts saved to your library preserve Workout & Trainer notes

– Ability to lock workouts on the Whiteboard from future scoring
– Edit workouts from the Whiteboard (applies only to workouts not already scored)

– Gym branding
– Enhanced notes support
– Gym/Team invites

Gym Caster Updates
– Live Leaderboard
– Isolated notes section
– Enhanced scaling for various screen sizes

Gym & Team Invitations
– Added resend capability

PushPress Integration
– **Bug fixes related to membership status changes

*Kilomodo only allows embedded content from sites whitelisted as appropriate for our viewership. If you would like us to add a site you use, let us know so we can evaluate its validity. Videos from unapproved sites will be stripped out of notes while saving.

**Special thanks to Triple Link CrossFit for working with us to help identify and work through a PushPress integration issue. If you’re ever in the Northern Dallas TX area, drop in for a workout. Alissa and Trevor run a great outfit and we’re proud to have them with us.