Part 1 – Why Kilomodo

Automatic PR Tracking

Why are we doing this anyway?

This most certainly does not break down into a single answer, but we feel compelled to share some transparency with the community.

For those of you that use Kilomodo, chances are you may have questioned. How do they plan to make money? In all honesty, we do wish to make a profitable business, but that’s not what is front and center. We do have a plan for that. However, today is about making an awesome product that people love. What I can promise you now is, the experience you enjoy today will remain…dare I say it… free.

We will be introducing features in the future that will require a subscription to access, but the social experience and workout tracking is yours. Really, that’s our gift to the community. We will always continue to improve upon that too. The subscription model is what we will use to build more value beyond the meat and potatoes.

The single most important thing you can do to help us is use it, share it, and provide feedback; good or bad. You can do that by clicking here.

What makes Kilomodo unique?

As a continuation to the first question “why are we doing this anyway”, we can get a little bit into what makes us unique and why Kilomodo was built the way it was.

We started with questions about the community, training, programming, and personal achievements and wondered if the answers would yield secrets that would be insightful and intriguing. For us to find these answers, we had to take a different approach to the traditional digital or plain ole paperback workout logbook.

We started with a focus on athlete needs by providing an easy way to capture the efforts they put into their training. All while sharing with their friends to create a community.

While doing that and putting our energy behind the curiosity, education and exploration process, we started to get to some of the answers we were looking for. Over time we will expose some of those insights to the community as the information grows and become richer.

For now, consider this the first installment to a many part reveal of what Kilomodo can tell us. As part 1, we decided to lay out some high level metrics you may find interesting. Together, we will go on a journey to discover the hidden gems found in the information about our workouts and training.

Thus far, Kilomodo had captured the following bits of data:

  • Weight lifted: 3,620,578kg / 7,965,273lbs
  • Distance: 879,727m / 546mi
  • Running: 682,428m / 424mi
  • Rowing: 178,579m / 110mi

If you caught that total distance is greater than the total of running and rowing. That’s because the grand total also includes movements like farmer walks, lunges, sprints etc.

  • Reps: 281,756

Let’s break this down a little.

  • 103,711 reps are from weightlifting movements
  • 118,808 reps are in gymnastics (body weight) movements
  • 59,237 reps are in monostructural (running, swimming, double/single unders, etc.) movements
  • 33,377 reps are double unders specifically

For you Olympic weightlifting buffs we’ve logged:

  • 9,023 Cleans totalling 429,208kg / 944,259lbs lifted
  • 7,375 Snatches totalling 270,100kg / 594,222lbs lifted

This is just the tip of the iceberg too. We are analyzing patterns within programming as it relates to movements, rep schemes, geographical significance and much more. We’ve already discovered some interesting trends that are quite fascinating. In time we will use this information to help coaches and athletes make the absolute best of their efforts.

Until then, stay tuned, stay fit, keep scoring, and above all, enjoy life to the fullest.

-Team Kilomodo

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