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Invictus Programming

We have started to post the Invictus programming on our platform to make it easy for athletes that follow the program to keep track of their workouts.

If you download our iOS app you will be able to go back pretty far and backfill the WODs you have already completed.

A couple of notes on the programming and how we are building the WODs.

1 – We are trying our best to create the WODs exactly as they are prescribed. Invictus offers a dynamic program so sometimes we are caught a bit off guard with new movements or combinations that our platform does not support, yet. We assure you that we are working to be able to accommodate the programming 100%. Most of the metrics are still gathered, it is just that our summaries might read a bit differently.

2 – If you follow Invictus you will get email reminders of the WODs that are available. Invictus posts 3 WODs everyday (FITNESS, PERFORMANCE, COMPETITOR), so if you feel like you are getting spammed, simply turn off your notifications in your account settings (web) or under OTHER on iOS app. WODs will be pushed automatically to your APP or be available in the WOD banner not he Web app.

3 – We are not posting swim workouts on Thursdays.

4 – We are working hard to support all types of workouts, so please be patient with our efforts. Sometimes we will write WODs a bit differently but the essence of the work is the same.

5 – Rankings will be displayed for all Invictus athletes. There is a daily ranking and a global ranking for every single WOD.

6 – Repeat workouts will be accessible on our WEB app, so you will be able to compare and review progress for those.

7 – PRs are detected automatically and you can review them on the WEB app. A history of these movements and WODs can be accessed by clocking on them in the tables.

8 – Make sure to read the notes when they are available. These are notes form the programming or instructions on how to best score the WOD.

Please feel free to reach out and send us suggestions as we are always open to them. The platform will only get better with the input from the users.

We would like to thank Invictus for posting their WODs and making them accessible to athletes around the world.

Team Kilomodo

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