Giving Kilomodo to Non-Profits


It has been a long time that we have percolated over the idea of who and how to give back to those in need. After all, it’s not as easy when your product doesn’t directly translate into value for someone struggling. Until now.

In February of 2018, we were approached by Dr. Shane Couch from McFarland Middle School. He explained to us that he had been recently awarded a non-profit CrossFit affiliation that he would employ to train faculty and the student body at no cost. His ask to us was to provide a discounted monthly subscription for our service. We’re proud to say that Dr. Couch receives our services and support for .50 cents per month and has been with us ever since. As much as this is a feel-good story and we’re very proud to help him shepherd in members to the health and fitness lifestyle, we realize that it is a small drop in the bucket. We want to do more.

Fast forward to March 2019 and things have become even more interesting. This time around Kilomodo reached out to start a conversation with Dan Newberry, founder of the 22 Fitness Foundation. The 22 Fitness Foundation is a non-profit organization that is touring gyms around the U.S. to conduct free introductory group fitness classes to raise money to provide gym memberships for veterans suffering from PTSD. Dan himself manages his own battle with PTSD through fitness. It is in his own experience that he discovered its powerful effect of keeping your mental state out of the darkness.

Together we will ‘Lift the Experience’ for the veterans he connects to the 22 Fitness movement. While Dan is out spreading the message, Kilomodo will host a place for the 22 Fitness Team followers to stay engaged by tracking workouts in a competitive style environment alongside Dan. It is a place where everyone is invited to be a part of this positive journey in fighting against veteran suicide.

With this latest partnership, it has become a clear realization of how this way of giving back fits squarely into the success of our company mission which is “to increase the lifetime commitment of as many people as possible into the health and fitness lifestyle”. This is why Kilomodo will now offer all of its services and support at no cost to non-profit organizations that employ fitness as a means to improve lives.

As they say, modern problems require modern solutions. To solve the riddle of reaching as many as possible, we will scale out to fitness communities doing good for the youth, veterans, elderly, inner city, and more. Best of all, collectively, the Kilomodo community is contributing to fund what we are all passionate about: the health and fitness lifestyle.

Interested in helping Dan with his mission? Follow him on Kilomodo and Instagram @22fitnessfoundation. To learn more about this great cause and how you can help, check out 22Fitness Community page.


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