Cheaters have no place in CrossFit.

This article was originally written by Rory Boyden (@roryrooster) on July 27th, 2014


Cheaters have no place in CrossFit.

A cheater is someone who makes a conscious decision to cut (and lie about) the amount of repetitions performed during a workout. The phrase, “if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself” is partly true, but not entirely.

Let me explain why…

Yes, if you cheat, you are cheating yourself. In order to achieve results you should finish the workout prescribed (assuming you are not injured). If your coach is any good they have programmed a certain number of repetitions for a reason. Cutting the workout short means you are not getting the desired stimulus your coach intended for that workout.

Imagine you are performing the workout DT…
If you cut
– 1 repetition, each exercise, per round = 1000kg not lifted
It is very easy to see how this variation in load could change the stimulus intended.

Secondly, it is crucial to count repetitions honestly so that you can compare times and scores from benchmark workouts. When you redo a workout it is encouraging to see an improvement from previous efforts. Consistent miscounting of reps taints your scores and does not give an honest representation of whether you have actually improved.
Why would you do this to yourself? You do want to improve don’t you?
If you cheat you are also cheating those around you.

An important part of CrossFit is the competition brought on by working out with people of similar abilities. It makes you push that little bit harder and achieve better results through higher intensity. However this relationship is thrown out of balance if an individual chooses to cheat.

The person may not realise it but their cheating negatively affects the whole gym.
It isolates them.

Other members become aware of the cheating. It may encourage others to follow suit and cheat as well and it can hurt the friendships built in the gym. A sense of trust that “we are all in it together” is broken. It shows a lack of respect for the values of self-improvement.

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