PR Enhancements

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PR Enhancements

Now with Sets & Reps workouts, you can earn PR badges! Sets and Reps also tracks all of your non-PR training weight to your PR history. This is useful for comparing strength training workouts to PR events.

For Time and AMRAP scoring just got smarter. The Kilomodo PR engine is much better at recognizing workout parts that has already been scored. Even when mixing up workout parts, KIlomodo will link performance results as well as deal out PRs.    

Check out your PR page today to see the results of all your workouts stacked up.

P.S. We are hard at work to bring PRs to mobile. You can always view PRs with our web version of Kilomodo


Team Kilomodo!

The Test of Fitness

La Sierra High School
Theisen, Earl La Sierra High School. Look: Along the Iron Curtain January 30, 1962


If you happen to reside in the camp that believes that the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games were too difficult, especially due to the pegboard event, or worse, Murph, I invite you to go with me on a journey back in time.  The year is 1962, 9 months after John F. Kennedy presented his famous moon shot speech.  It was in this year that JFK challenged the nation once again.  This time, the challenge was to make America physically healthy.  In his own words, he stated that he believed that a physically healthy citizen would also be a spiritually and mentally healthy citizen.  JFK’s challenge to build a stronger America was known as the “Great National Effort”.  It was modeled after the PE programming of La Sierra High School.  Four thousand high schools across the nation rose to this challenge. Read More

Part 1 – Why Kilomodo

Automatic PR Tracking

Why are we doing this anyway?

This most certainly does not break down into a single answer, but we feel compelled to share some transparency with the community.

For those of you that use Kilomodo, chances are you may have questioned. How do they plan to make money? In all honesty, we do wish to make a profitable business, but that’s not what is front and center. We do have a plan for that. However, today is about making an awesome product that people love. What I can promise you now is, the experience you enjoy today will remain…dare I say it… free.

We will be introducing features in the future that will require a subscription to access, but the social experience and workout tracking is yours. Really, that’s our gift to the community. We will always continue to improve upon that too. The subscription model is what we will use to build more value beyond the meat and potatoes.

The single most important thing you can do to help us is use it, share it, and provide feedback; good or bad. You can do that by clicking here. Read More

July BETA Release

We have introduced a lot of changes into the score sheet in this current release.

In addition to the already existing REP SCHEMA, WEIGHT, DISTANCE, CALORIES and REPS, we have added MOVEMENT scaling.

Kilomodo Score Sheet
Kilomodo Score Sheet


Scaling movement options from the score sheet – We now provide a drop down in the score sheet for movements that have common modifications. Scored a workout with a movement that you didn’t actually do? No problem, you can always edit your score to keep things accurate. Read More

Cheaters have no place in CrossFit.

This article was originally written by Rory Boyden (@roryrooster) on July 27th, 2014


Cheaters have no place in CrossFit.

A cheater is someone who makes a conscious decision to cut (and lie about) the amount of repetitions performed during a workout. The phrase, “if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself” is partly true, but not entirely.

Let me explain why…

Read More

The Whiteboard in your Pocket

What a month!

With our latest release and complete branding overhaul we feel we are now set on the right track to fulfill our “Whiteboard in your Pocket” vision. For the next couple of months we will be working on our native APPs.

Why is this important? Because we want to make the experience awesome and as easy and intuitive for you, the Athlete. With that said we are still refining our current platform version and will be slowing down the release of new features in order to focus on mobile. Read More

WOD and Movement PR’s

We are now decorating feed items and workouts with special icons indicating if there were any PRs. Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 4.00.21 PMThe TROPHY icon signifies a WOD Personal Record, which is triggered for any known workouts (Hero, Girls, Games, Benchmark, Open or any other workout tagged as special).

TScreen Shot 2015-05-20 at 4.00.31 PMhe MEDAL icon will show up every time you get a Personal Record on a singular movement.   It is possible that in a singular workout you get both icons. PR Markers

Quick April update

April has been a really busy month for us.

With the upcoming release we have been preparing a lot of new features and a complete overhaul of our look.

We have added functionality that will make tracking WOD and MOVEMENT PRs a breeze. These PRs are calculated from the Skill/Strength work done or by using movements performed in WODs. These data points will live in the system and will auto-populate their respective fields once the work is prescribed again. In other words, no need to remember what you did for Back Squat 3 months ago, it will be readily available to you once the WOD is published.

We have also added some social features to the platform. This will make it much better to discover fellow athletes or see what athletes or boxes they follow.

More information will be available once we do release it, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can reach us @kilomodo on twitter.

Happy tracking!

KM team