Community Posts & Notifications


Kilomodo now supports community posts to the feed for your gym and track followers. Posts allow for the upload of images and links to video content you want to share with your community. Whether you’re celebrating a client of the month, promoting achievements, notifying a schedule change, special events, competitions, etc. you can use posts to get the word out to your followers.

We all love Instagram and Facebook, but we wanted to offer a fitness focused social experience. Kilomodo can be trusted by our community to stay connected to the things that matter most to us; the fitness lifestyle.

Kilomodo now has completely updated app notifications with the goal of keeping you up to date with what’s going on in your community. Now you have more flexibility over how you receive notifications for scheduled workouts, comments, respects, and more. For members using Apple devices you will now receive push notifications as things are happening.

Security is also a high priority for us which is why we never share your information. In addition, we have limited the usage of posts to fitness training professionals. Our goal is to keep Kilomodo free of junk marketing and inappropriate content our community wants to avoid.

We hope you enjoy this latest update and find it helpful in lifting the experience.

Goal Setting & Life Style Changes


 If there is one thing to take away from this article, it is to start SMALL when taking steps towards achieving a goal.

Over the years as a health and fitness coach, I have taken notice of self-imposed well intended goals that too often end in failure. When I look at the “why” for why people seem to struggle so hard to stay on track in reaching a goal, I’ve noted a common theme for most detours. My advice based on this theme is to Stay away from making too many changes all at once!

For example, two of the biggest goals people set are to 1) Lose weight and 2) Eat healthier. While I wholeheartedly agree that those are admirable goals, what I typically see at the beginning of this endeavor are pantries wiped clean of processed foods, a diet plan (insert latest diet fad here) is introduced, any pleasurable foods marked as ‘unhealthy’ are eliminated, and a cheat day is brought in to provide some reprieve from the torture. In other words, everything familiar and routine is completely stripped away and replaced with an alien world of rigidity, leaving a wake of chaos, unfamiliarity, and constant cravings.

In the fitness & training environment, this fault in logic plagues both coaches and athletes alike. Coaches often over-stimulate their client athletes with too many cues trying to fix every observed fault in a single session. In this situation, chaos and confusion is created by mental noise without enough time for an athlete to develop some degree of mastery before moving to the next problem. The opposite is true when a deconditioned or inexperienced gym goer takes on training with volume, load, and or movements that they are simply not ready to do.

Which brings us back to “WHY” are we all guilty of this behavior. We’re living in a culture that seeks instantaneous results. Time is seemingly always against us in this society conditioned to traverse the fastest path imaginable to get what we want. In goal setting this approach is often detrimental to the success of our efforts.

So what can we do? The solution is simple, but it requires discipline and patience. Begin by laying out a list of manageable steps, tasks, or challenges that lead you up to your goal. Start chipping away at your list one item at a time, and celebrate the small victories along the way. Each step should be building on the previous as you move towards your ultimate goal. Okay, sounds simple, but really, how do you apply this?

To answer that question let’s share a story about a recent interaction with a new client. We’ll call her Francesca for the sake of anonymity. A few weeks back, Francesca dropped into the gym where I work and train. I had just finished a session with some of my Sunday regulars when I was motioned over to meet Francesca at the front office. We made introductions and discussed membership plans and the process of onboarding new clients. Shortly after securing interest in trying us out, the conversation turned to nutrition. Francesca was curious to know if nutritional guidance or meal plans were part of the membership. This where I dropped in some honest to goodness street knowledge. I explained to Francesca that while nutrition is the most important foundation of good health and fitness. The first step in her journey was to surround herself in a support group of like minded people with the same fitness goals. When the change of getting into a gym-going routine sets we can go bigger but for now let’s start small. I went on to ask what her daily breakfast consisted of. Nothing out of ordinary: Eggs, coffee, bacon, and pancakes. I applauded her for having the habit of eating breakfast considering that many people skip this meal. I then asked Francesca if she’d be willing to eliminate the pancakes and replace them with a different kind of complex carbohydrate such as sauteed squash or sweet potato. Further explaining that if she could be successful at that, we could then look at midday and evening meals. The idea here is make small changes and sticking to them until new habits form. The last thing we want to do is turn her world upside down. Feeling as though she understood the pattern and approach, I let her know that the next level would be to tune in portioning, timing, etc. Again emphasizing, not to worry about those things, but that they were on the horizon and something we’d be working towards.

The takeaway one more time is to break a big goal down into smaller manageable pieces. As a Marine veteran, I can tell you, nobody makes it through bootcamp thinking about graduation. It’s a process of getting from one evolution, or in this scenario, one meal at a time. Think big picture about what you ultimately want, figure out the steps along the way, and then plan. If you’re moving in a direction that is foreign to you, seek out the guidance of a well trained expert in the area you want to move.

Don’t know where to start small first? You could start by tracking your performance with Kilomodo.

Whoa! Now Supporting Video!!!

Trainer Notes

Notes Enhancements
– Introduction of Private Trainer notes (only visible to account owners and Trainer admins)
– Rich markup formatting
– Hyperlinks
– Embedded *video
– Embedded images
– Workouts saved to your library preserve Workout & Trainer notes

– Ability to lock workouts on the Whiteboard from future scoring
– Edit workouts from the Whiteboard (applies only to workouts not already scored)

– Gym branding
– Enhanced notes support
– Gym/Team invites

Gym Caster Updates
– Live Leaderboard
– Isolated notes section
– Enhanced scaling for various screen sizes

Gym & Team Invitations
– Added resend capability

PushPress Integration
– **Bug fixes related to membership status changes

*Kilomodo only allows embedded content from sites whitelisted as appropriate for our viewership. If you would like us to add a site you use, let us know so we can evaluate its validity. Videos from unapproved sites will be stripped out of notes while saving.

**Special thanks to Triple Link CrossFit for working with us to help identify and work through a PushPress integration issue. If you’re ever in the Northern Dallas TX area, drop in for a workout. Alissa and Trevor run a great outfit and we’re proud to have them with us.

New Gym & Trainer Features Available!

Gym and Trainer Features

With the growing popularity and adoption of Kilomodo around the world, it was only natural for us to begin offering tools to support our gym owners and professional trainers. Kilomodo now has an array of professional level features and automation to support any gym and trainer business.

By diversifying training programs, you can cater to varying fitness needs across your members. Gym owners and trainers appeal to more members by offering multiple programs to fit their members’ lifestyle and goals. With tracks, you can selectively deliver differing workout programming across a multitude of athlete types.

Stop fussing with the mess of spreadsheets, text documents and email. Get your workouts organized into customizable, reusable, and shareable programs. Using custom tags, you can easily group workouts for easy search in your account library.

Set it and forget it! Let automation free up time to spend investing in your business and members. Schedule programs to your tracks and let them rip. We’ll handle getting workouts delivered to your members on time and with ease.

Trainer Admins
Growing a successful business is tough! Get some help by delegating to Trainer admins. Trainer admins have full control to manage members and workout programming for your account’s gyms and teams.

Integration with PushPress
By enabling integration, we synchronize member accounts across platforms. We handle account creation and member status changes in near real-time. This integration allows you to choose two best-of-breed solutions for your gym while allowing us to remain completely focused on making the very best workout tracking available.

RSS Integration
Post workouts to your WordPress or other RSS capable websites directly from Kilomodo. With a simple setup, you can automate the tedious task of posting the workout to the home website. Easy scheduling notifies your members at your specified time across apps.   

Gym & Team Branding
Your brand image is the identity your members rally around. Distinguish your gyms and teams by uploading your brand logos. This is an excellent way of bringing out the pride of belonging to a strong fitness community.

Kilomodo 2.0 Released!

Kilomodo 2.0 Released

Apple iOS Members will notice no significant changes with this release.

Kilomodo 2.0 Released!

We are excited to announce the official release of Kilomodo 2.0 for desktop and mobile browsers! Along with our new look, there are many updated features to discover. Check out new dashboards, member profile pages, workout composer, searchable PRs, enhanced library, and so much more. As part of this roll out, we are also offering upgradable accounts for gym owners and trainers. Visit for more information about features, plans and pricing.  

Upgraded Gym & Trainer accounts can

  • Create Gyms and Teams
  • Organize workouts into Programs
  • Group athlete audiences into Tracks
  • Automate workout delivery at a configurable time with the Scheduler
  • Share workout management with Trainer Admins
  • Categorize workouts with searchable tags in your Account Library

Integrate member management from PushPress

Integration with PushPress

Kilomodo and PushPress Integration

Focus is the key to success!

At Kilomodo, we focus our energy on creating the very best workout tracking experience possible. We also look for partners that share the same laser-focused mindset on products they build to support gym owners. With that said, we are proud to announce our new partnership with our like-minded friends over at PushPress. This partnership will combine best-of-breed workout tracking and gym management solutions with a simple and seamless unified experience.

Continuing our goals of putting our best foot forward and delivering awesome products, we have thoughtfully planned out a vision to solve the all-in-one problem by removing friction between the platforms. Our integration takes into account all the points that matter to both the athlete and the gym owner, without compromising administrative tasks or user experience.

As gym owners and coaches ourselves, we recognize how our community has been underserved by the mediocrity of the all-in-one solutions. With this partnership, we will be offering you the freedom to choose what is best for your business.

We welcome you to the future of the gym experience. If you would like to learn more about the PushPress integration, please visit to schedule a demo today.

Tabata & Intervals (HIIT)

Tabata & Interval

Tabata and Intervals (HIIT) are here! Introducing another major installment to the Kilomodo suite of workout types supported. We’re so excited to get this capability into your hands. Interval training is popular for good reasons; it works! Now you can accurately track those workouts and evaluate your progress over time. So here is what you can expect between these two workouts types.

For Tabata workout scoring, Kilomodo will ask for your ‘minimum’ rep total for a round per movement. Optionally, you may also provide your ‘maximum’ reps for a given round for range evaluation. For metrics, we multiply the total rounds for a given movement by the ‘minimum’ reps accomplished.

For Intervals (HIIT) workout scoring, Kilomodo will ask for the running total of reps per movement. As you would expect, we provide a total credit for metrics for reps when scoring for Intervals.

Workout building for Tabata and Intervals is identical with the only difference being the scoring and calculated metrics. Each work/rest cycle allows for one movement. Rest between movement transitions is optional, and alternating between movements is up to the workout programmer to describe with workout builder.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 9.53.49 PM

To assist with the planning and design of a workout, we also provide a total workout time (including rest) at the bottom of the workout summary.

We’re looking forward to seeing our community take advantage this new update. Thank you all for the support and feedback you provide us as we go through this journey.

We’d also like to give a big shout out and special thanks to our ambassadors! They have spent countless hours providing feedback guidance for our community. They make all the difference having their eyes and ears in the gyms telling us what’s working well and what is needed. We’re very grateful for that, and we are looking forward to seeing that community continue to grow. Our ambassadors is what makes what we do possible.

COMPLEX and Digital Whiteboard


The Sets & Reps workout style now supports complexes. Movements added to a group in a Sets & Reps workout can now be linked together as a single movement to form a complex. This makes for easier scoring and percentage assignment to any movement within the complex.


While building a Sets & Reps workout, assign the percentage value you want to work from on a movement of your choice. We’ll take care of the rest by updating the workout summary and filling in the score sheet with your numbers based on your Rep Max PR for that movement.


What about PRs?! Kilomodo does detect PRs for any movement within the complex so we got you covered there. This means that although you may be working on percentage based effort for your best movement, if you PR on anything else as a result, we’ll track that for you.

Awesome, but we didn’t stop there.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-11-31-58-amLarge screen format is now available for web casting. This is perfect for gyms that have large screen TVs as a way to display the workout of the day in style.



You can also flip through any workout posted to the gym(s) you follow by clicking on the selector screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-11-33-41-am on the upper right hand side of the screen which brings up a list of workouts to select, allowing easy navigation while briefing a class.




But that’s not all either.

Sets & Reps now supports all movement types which includes gymnastics/body weight movements as well as monostructural/cardio movements like running, rowing, and double unders. This is ideal for ‘Not For Time’ type workouts. So now you can skip the scoring aspect, but get the credit you deserve.

Wait there is more?

Max Reps now supports gymnastics/body weight movements. Which means you can now score going for a max set of unbroken pull ups. Yes! T-Rex arms for the win!

Anything else? Yup!

Performance enhancements have also been made to increase the snappiness of our page load times. We won’t bore you with the details. Just know that we’re not just focused solely on adding features but also improving the experience by making Kilomodo faster.

Okay, that’s it right?

No, but the rest is nerdy bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Thank you once again for supporting Kilomodo.


EMOM is here!



EMOM is here!

This first release of EMOM is something we are quite happy to announce. We hope you enjoy it! While designing EMOM, we wanted to allow for as many possible workout scenarios our devilish programming coaches could conjure. In our testing, we were quite pleased to find that we had unlocked some interesting possibilities we have never before seen in the wild. Coaches, get your thinking caps on. We think you are going to like this!

Imagine the following:

EMOM for 12m
0, 1, 2 min
– 20 Double Unders
– 5 Burpee
3 min
– 1 Barbell Clean @ 90%, 95%, 100% RM

This is a 12 minute EMOM where every minute for the first three rounds, an athlete would do 20 Double Unders and 5 Burpees.

On the fourth round, the athlete would complete one Barbell Clean @ 90% of their 1RM. On minute 4, the athlete would be back to three 1 minute rounds of 20 Double Unders and 5 Burpees. Once again, the athlete will go back to the one Barbell Clean, but this time at 95% of their 1RM. And so on, one more time thru to complete the workout with a one Barbell Clean at 100% of their 1RM.

This is just one of the thousands… or millions of imaginable combinations possible with the new EMOM workout builder. Check it out at Play around and let us know what you think at

With this release, we also embedded a link to workout builder from mobile. On the menu, you can now see a link labeled ‘Workout Composer’ which will take you to our web version of Kilomodo. Once there, you can create and schedule workouts. Any workout scheduled will be immediately available for scoring on mobile iOS.

Thanks again for scoring, and stay tuned for more updates.

PRs Make it to Apple iOS

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.25.27 PM

Crazy to think PRs weren’t available out of the gate. As with any journey, it begins with the first step. Or in our case, the first score.

Here is what has changed with the latest update:
– PR badges now show in the community feed and scoring results  Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.20.54 PM
– Added a quick link to auto-populated percentages calculator from movement PR  Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.20.59 PM
– Integrated Workout Planner into Sets and Reps score sheet  Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.20.59 PM
– PR search  Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.21.03 PM
– Added quick link to workout results from PR list  Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.21.08 PM
– PR history graphs
– Enhanced pounds and kilograms weight preferences with auto conversion
– Avatar loading performance enhancement
– Bug fixes

Now that we are on solid ground with essential features for Apple iOS, we are back on the road to building core functionality. Our first stop, EMOM.

As always, we are thankful that you have joined us on this journey.

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